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Radio Playlists 1.10 released

In Radio Playlists,Radio Plays on August 2, 2011 by wp7badjoe

This is a small update to Radio Playlists, we did this mainly to add some error handling to the app.


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Radio Playlists 1.9 released

In Radio Playlists,Uncategorized on June 13, 2011 by wp7badjoe

A new version of radio playlists has just passed certification.

The main reason for this update is that a problem in marketplace with the last update caused the app to show up with the old name again. This should now be fixed and just so that users actually get a little value from the new version we have added the ability to email a song.

With this new simple feature you can send a quick email with the song and artist to your friends from the song page by simply tapping the “send song” button.



Radio Playlists 1.8 released

In Radio Playlists,Radio Plays on June 2, 2011 by wp7badjoe

A new version of radio playlists have been released.

We have gotten feedback from quite a few people that the app shows incorrect stations for their area, unfortunately it seems that the service we have based the app on mostly focuses on stations in the most populated areas and it returns all stations when called from an unsupported area. In this new version we are trying to detect when this happens and show a message. Unfortunately we are not able to add the unsupported areas but we keep passing the information along to our partner.

Other than this fix the new version includes improved ways to give feedback or to share a link to the app with others.


Radio Plays is now Radio Playlists

In Radio Playlists,Radio Plays on March 16, 2011 by wp7badjoe Tagged: , , , ,

Version 1.7 is now available in marketplace. Other than the name change it has quite a few fixes and features:

  • Station search. This new version gives you a new tool to find your favorite stations: Station search. With this feature you can search for stations by genre, location, frequency or free text
  • New Easy way to flip between stations. You can now navigate up and down in the station list directly from the station page making station surfing much easier.
  • Stop a station from within the app. Previously you had to use the volume rocker and stop playing a station from the build in UI, in this version the “tune fm” button becomes a “pause” button if you are looking at the same station as you are listening to.
  • History. You can now see whole day playlists for the last few days for a station
  • Lyrics are now available for most songs .
  • Related songs are now available for most songs
  • Removed the intrusive dialog after adding to or removing from favorites. The new version now has a much less intrusive messaging system.
  • Stations are now sorted. Before the stations came in random order in the list, now they are sorted by frequency.
  • More info on pages. Before it wasn’t always clear what the app was showing, in the new version that should be fixed with descriptive titles

As always it is free, so enjoy!


YouTube demo of Radio Plays 1.6

In Radio Plays on January 24, 2011 by wp7badjoe Tagged: , , , ,

I finally got around to getting video up on YouTube showing Radio Plays to the world.

I uploaded two videos, one with no use of the FM tuner (I did this as users outside the states can’t use the tuner with the app)

And one showing the use of the FM tuner and the new settings in 1.6


Radio Plays 1.6 released

In Radio Plays on January 19, 2011 by wp7badjoe Tagged: , , ,

A new version of Radio Plays is out and should now be available on marketplace. this update includes a few new things:

New settings available to allow you to specify the startup page, choose from

  • “main page” – the list of stations (default)
  • “favorites” – the list of stations you have added to your favorites
  • “last station” – show the last selected station immediately when you start Radio Plays

Another new setting is “Auto tune when I select a station”, if you flip this setting to yes Radio Plays will try to tune the FM tuner to the station every time you select a station in a list.

Personally I mostly use the app to listen to the radio so I have flipped startup page to “last station” and turned on “Auto tune when I select a station”. This way when I start Radio Plays it immediately starts the last station (assuming I have my speakers plugged in) and lists the recently played songs…

Other things in this release includes:

  • Better cleanup of the annoying “repeating songs” issue.
  • Better performance.
  • New tilting effect when selecting items in lists.



Radio Plays 1.5 released

In Radio Plays on January 13, 2011 by wp7badjoe Tagged: , , ,

A new version of Radio Plays is out and should now be available on marketplace.

Based on feedback from our users we have added integration to the Music + Video hub in the phone in this update. If you use the app for playing radio that experience is now a whole lot better with this integration! When you start playing a station from Radio Plays a new tile will be added in the Music + Video hub, the tile will include information about the station and their tag line so if you want you can easily find launch the station from the hub later, making it easy to tune the station and naturally get all the information about recently played songs and top played songs of the day.  

Other things in this in this release were also based on user feedback:

  • We now have a nicer naming of stations in the lists with a more visible frequency.
  • Minor but annoying bugs with stations hiding in the end of the lists are now fixed.
  • We now filter out songs that are immediately repeated in the recently played lists.
  • New ability to navigate to previous / next song while in the song details page


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