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Rabbit Run gets 3rd place in Best free game

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First of all thanks to everyone who voted for Rabbit Run!!

This is huge! 3rd place after Taptitude and Wordament, both big games with many times more downloads and users (and Wordament is a Microsoft game now). 

 – plus a honorable mention in the Best Indie Game category

A very good day indeed!



Rabbit Run has been nominated for the 2012 Community App Awards!

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Seriously! Wow!

I’m super honored that Rabbit Run has been nominated for the 2012 #wpappawards!

Now please please help the poor rabbit to not get embarrassly crushed and vote in one of the two categories below. – or both 🙂

Best indie game

Best free game


Train Crazy on

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Will you look at that, had a post with Train Crazy today 🙂


Introducing:Train Crazy

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Bad Joe has published a new game for all the train crazy kids out there.

Download it from marketplace here.


Bunny Love 1.3 released

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Just a quick note that Bunny Love 1.3 has gone through certification and should be available in marketplace within 24 hours.
This update fixes a crash on level 32… .



Speak 1.2 released

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Some users has reported that the app wouldn’t actually speak, and after getting a hold of a Mango developer device we were able to reproduce this problem.

The new 1.2 release changes the way the phone speaks to be using a different set of APIs, hopefully this will resolve the issue for others as well.


AppMakr made my new app

In Bad Joe on April 20, 2011 by wp7badjoe Tagged: , ,

For simple apps with content from online feeds is a good and simple tool.

I created my new app with content from this blog using the AppMakr tool and while I would have made a few things different if I had build the app from scratch, this basically took me no time.

On top of this you can currently get your marketplace registration covered if you use the Ad Control SDK, see this site for details.

You can find my new app here

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